FLOWERS Madderlake Tokyo carries on the tradition of the the flower business created in New York in 1975. Takaaki Nonen studied for years at Pure Madderlake’s outpost in SoHo, determined to bring the Madderlake style of flowers to a Japanese clientele.  Both a school and shop, for years Madderlake Tokyo has created signature flowers for a remarkable Tokyo clientele—including Takashimaya, the queen of department stores—while countless Japanese lifestyle magazine articles have featured Madderlake creations and insights over the past twenty years.



In 1974, MADDERLAKE opened its doors as a quirky rare plant store in Greenwich Village, but not long after, following an enthusiastic write-up in the New York Times and discovery by some of New York’s elite, moved to Madison Avenue and embraced cut flowers and designing black tie events.  Extensive press and television coverage along with Madderlake’s landmark book Flowers Rediscovered ultimately helped spearhead a revolution in global flower production —a movement for change that paralleled Alice Water’s similar pursuits in the fresh food marketplace.   Flowers Rediscovered remained in print for 20 years and was followed ten years later by Madderlake’s Trade Secrets, a tell-all book that continues to be an inspiration for countless flower lovers and shop owners around the world.